Base Endpoints

Every model submitted to the generator results in it’s own service being produced.

Each of these generates a number of operations. All of the operations are exposed via different HTTP verbs and query params from the same base address.

  1. A Collection Operation (this is where paging, text search, ordering, and shaping are most useful)
  2. A Get By Id Operation
  3. A Create Model Operation
  4. An Update Model Operation
  5. A Partial Update Operation
  6. A Delete Operation

For a given model all will be exposed via a call http requests to a URL built from your username and name of your mmodel. something like{Username}/{Modelname}s (yes we pluralize automatically)


User AutomatedAPI creates model ‘Pet’ with two properties: Tag and Name (and the third autogenerated PetId property) Exposed Address:

This represents the single root by which all api calls can be built into your consumer applications.