Get Model

Get Model

The base level call for each generated API is the GET on the base URL.

htttps://{Username here}/{Model Name Here}s

When called, this will return the first 25 records in the database for this service. It will also include some paging details along with that collection so a user can assemble urls appropraitely to page within their own applications.

The model returned by the call will have the shape described here.

Searching and Filtering

You can use url parameters to shape the data that would be returned by this call.

You can use ‘fields’, ‘searchQuery’, ‘orderBy’, ‘pageSize’, and ‘pageNumber’ in any combination. Fields will be a comma delimited list of the properties you wish returned for each object. PageSize should be numeric and not exceed 25. PageNumber is numeric. OrderBy will be a property name.

SearchQuery is the only field which comes with a caviat. Search only functions on string properties in the current version.